Use this page to book your rehearsal room! Simply use the calendar and date selectors to see what's available and then hit "Book Now" on the room you'd like, this will then show you the times available for that type of session and you'll find backline options before the checkout stage. Detailed information about what is included in our spaces or details about our backline items can be found in the item descriptions when booking. Please note we do not do custom booking times or book by the hour.

Payment is made online and your room is secured instantly. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions.

Prime Time sessions fall between 5pm and 11pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Off Peak times are any session outside of the Prime Time range.

All Access are all day / night (12am to 12pm) sessions.

Session Times are selected after you select a room below.

Backline Items are available as optional extras during the checkout process.

Online Booking - Select your Rehearsal Room below.

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